100 Best GitHub: Deep Learning

100 Best GitHub: Deep Learning


Deep Learning


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deep-learning [100x Jul 2014]

  • rasmusbergpalm/DeepLearnToolbox .. Matlab/Octave toolbox for deep learning. Includes Deep Belief Nets, Stacked Autoencoders, Convolutional Neural Nets, Convolutional Autoencoders and vanilla Neural Nets. Each method has examples to get you started.
  • karpathy/convnetjs .. Deep Learning in Javascript. Train Convolutional Neural Networks (or ordinary ones) in your browser.
  • nicholas-leonard/dp .. A deep learning library designed for streamlining research and development using the Torch7 distribution.
  • daemonmaker/DMPC .. Repository for experimenting with combining deep learning and model predictive control techniques.
  • woobe/deepr .. An R package to streamline the training, fine-tuning and predicting processes for deep learning based on ‘darch’ and ‘deepnet’.
  • RAMLab/deepbrains .. DeepBrains is a deep learning framework based on GO programming language and common machine learning hierarchical models.
  • colah/DL-Types-FP-posts .. Blog post exploring connection between Deep Learning, Types and Functional Programming
  • Misrab/deeplearning .. A collection of Go packages for Machine Learning, with an emphasis on Deep Learning
  • drshrey/deep_learning .. Playing around with the Alchemy API, and see what’s going on with Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning
  • hycis/pynet .. pynet is meant to be a flexible and modular deep learning framework base on theano.
  • Cysu/dlearn .. A deep learning Python module based on Theano.
  • zhaojunbo/paracel-SDAE .. The repo involves a Deep Learning method, Stacked Denoising Autoencoder. The repo exploits “paracel”, which is a new parallel computing framework.
  • DrDanRyan/ML-Framework .. A modular machine learning framework for Matlab with an emphasis on deep neural network models.
  • junku901/dnn .. Deep learning library for node.js. (Includes Logistic-Regression, MLP, RBM, DBN, CRBM, CDBN)
  • mimosavvy/PairsTradingDL .. Class project regarding a pairs trading strategy with deep learning and social information
  • xqcao/mywebapp .. Deep Learning is a new area of Machine Learning research, I share my deeper learning work overhere,
  • EderSantana/DeepEEG .. Deep learning for EEG analysis. This script was used to generate the results of the paper “Joint Optimization of Algorithmic Suites for EEG analysis” at EMBC 2014
  • samuel1208/UFLDL .. The solution of Andrew Unsupervised Feature Learning and Deep Learning
  • nibroc/SimpleSocket .. A simple non-production, hobby library for socket operations. This is intended as a learning project to deeply familiarize myself with unix sockets. It is not intended for real use.
  • daemonmaker/hedgehog .. Re-implementation of method in Playing Atari with Deep Reinforcement Learning paper.
  • chausler/deep .. some temporal RBM based models we’re playing with. Deep Learning ;-)
  • zewemli/DeepLearning .. An OpenCL implementation of Deep Belief Networks and Restricted Boltzmann Machines

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